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10mm Black Obsidian
12mm Red Coral
10mm Green Jade
Brass Ankh

About Black Obsidian:
Known to be a truth-enhancing stone, and is strongly protective, it forms a shield against negativity.
Used by many to block psychic attack and absorb negative energies from the environment.
Black Obsidian is also known to stimulate spiritual growth, urging exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons
Also used to bring clarity to the mind and clearing confusion.

Your purchase will smelling of Palo Santo, as I smudge each of my pieces before they leave my gallery/mediation studio.

Your item will arrive with an intuitively written Affirmation surrounding the properties of the stone.

My affirmations are powerful tools used to reprogram your subconscious mind, enabling you to CONSCIOUSLY create your reality.


Ankh Intention Bracelet

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