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This gorgeous bracelet is comprised 10mm Aquamarine, cathedral beads and a beautiful rose gold Pave Lotus charm.

~Aquamarine is a stone of courage.
~Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.  
~Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people.
~Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion.
~Useful for closure on all levels.
~Promotes self-expression.
~Soothes fears and sharpens intuition opening clairvoyance.
~Perfect for meditation.

Lapis Lazuli
~Perfect support for the throat Chakra
~A stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks
~It brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge
~Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality
~It can stimulate objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity
~Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence

Lapis & Aquamarine Lotus Bracelet

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