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Luminous Dreams enchanted tea is blended with various herbs and dried flowers to ensure not only a restful night’s sleep, but also to help you dream deeply. The blend calms the body’s nervous system which often allows for lucid dreaming.
Crafted to lower anxiety and depression and reduce stress. 

We all realize the importance of dreaming in our lives, not just for our mental health, but also for our spirituality. Becoming more alert in the dream state is a powerful way to explore the subconscious mind which can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and spiritual awakening.

Clients report having more profound dream experiences, better dream recall, increase in psychic intuition, an easier time meditating, lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, astral traveling, greater sense of awareness, feelings of empowerment.

This crafted tea blend is blended and enchanted by Nikki herself✨

*Disclaimer: NOT intended for pregnant or nursing women.  
*Talk to your doctor before use if you’re taking:
glaucoma medications, thyroid medications, barbiturates, sedatives, drugs that affect serotonin

Luminous Dreams

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