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Energetic Home Clearing

Clear dense negative energy from your space

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Our home clearings are designed to transmute and release, dense low vibrational energy from your living spaces. Consider that everything in the universe is comprised of energy moving at various rates. We can see slow, dense energy with our physical eyes (our physical bodies/matter) Higher frequency energies such as certain light, sound waves, or air are accessible to us through our extrasensory perceptions. Our energetic imprint contains powerful emotions that we have experienced throughout of lives. It is the accumulation of these highly charged emotional states, that are often responsible for the attraction of disincarnate entities. These entities can be attracted to this energy field when the vibration is low. Additionally, this dense vibration leaves an energetic imprint in our living spaces, which often leaves the space feeling cold and slightly imbalanced. You may notice that your thoughts or emotions tend to feel off. Have you ever walked into a room or building and immediately felt uneasy? Often these are energies left by previous inhabitants. When we vacate or move into the premise, we add to the energetic soup. Because of this, the undesirable energetic debris of depression, anger, fear, frustration, violence, etc are easily manifested. • Homes 1500 sq. Ft. and under – $250 • 1501 – 2499 sq. Ft. – $350 • 2500 – 4000 sq. Ft. – $450 • 4001 – 6000 sq. Ft. – $550 • 6000+ sq. ft. – Message for quote

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